The Heretic (2015)
Set in the rural Bible Belt of the United States. A young pastor struggles with his faith in the face of the new age. For his scientific questionings, sexual desires and growing apostasy, he is set upon by the Devil. Consequently he is punished like the religious heretics of old.
‘The Heretic’ is a short film by Creatives Tim O’Leary & Moira Lam. The piece was conceived and shot over 2 days in southern Ohio during the summer of 2015.
Director / Editor: Tim O’Leary
Art Direction: Moira Lam
Runner / Fixer: James Daniels
Special thanks to:
Cameron Struthers 
Malcolm Daniels
Iain Miller
and the many others who helped us along the way create this.
Camera: Sony A7S
Post-production: Premiere Pro, After Effects
Music: Remix of Phillip Glass
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